Nose Cleansing

Nose cleansing is one of the cleansing techniques of yoga; these techniques help to re-establish the natural balance of the body. Nose cleansing is an easy way to clean the nose, and it also refreshes mentally. Cleansing the nose with luke-warm salt water is a pleasant and refreshing sensation. If you are allergic to animals, dust or pollen, nose cleansing can effectively reduce the symptoms.Recurring colds and sinusitis can be avoided by cleansing the nose. The transport of mucus from the respiratory system is stimulated and the immune defence system of the body is strengthened.

NeseskyllingTo do the cleansing, a small pot with a spout is needed. Preferably a real neti pot, which you may find at the chemist’s, or at a yoga school. An instruction is usually provided with the neti pot. But using the pot is very simple; for a pot as in the illustration, use a teaspoon of salt. Fill the can almost full of luke-warm water and shake it well. Bend forwards and turn the head to one side, with the chin slightly in towards the chest, and place the tip of the spout in the uppermost nostril. Breathe through the mouth, and allow the water to run through one nostril and out through the other. After about half the amount of water has run through, turn the head to the other side, place the tip of the spout in the other nostril and allow the rest of the water to run through. Afterwards, bend forwards and blow gently through one nostril at a time until you feel the nose is dry.