Shoulder Roll

Tensions in the neck and shoulders can cause a stiff neck and painful shoulders. The constant tension in the muscles leads to a decreased blood circulation and blocks the flow of energy. The shoulder roll is an exercise, which can loosen up the neck and shoulders and stimulate the blood circulation in this area.

SkulderrullingStart by just experiencing the neck and shoulders. How do they feel?

Place the finger-tips of the right hand on the right shoulder and the finger-tips of the left hand on the left shoulder. Bring the elbows together at the stomach and move them up towards the face, then allow them to separate and move them further up and to the sides. Do five to six rounds in each direction. Make the movement as big as you can without too much effort. Make sure you lift the elbows high up and out to the sides.

End the exercise by just sitting still, relax the shoulders. Feel the area around the neck and shoulders. Do the exercise again when necessary.