The Cat

The cat pose is beneficient for keeping the spine supple. The pose stretches and flexes the muscles of the back and abdomen. The state and suppleness of the spine are of great importance for how the rest of the body works, and the general overall state. By using this simple exercise it is possible to increase and maintain the range of movement of the spine. The following instructions will guide you through the exercise.

KattenStand on all fours with the knees and the palms on the floor. Start by arching the back, bending the head forwards and bringing the chin towards the chest. Stay in the pose a little. Relax the back and start to sway, sway the back as much as possible and lift the head up. Now include the breath. Breathe out while arching the back and pulling the chin in. Breathe in while swaying the back and lifting the head up. Continue, five to ten times. Breathe through the nose, the breathe and the movement simultaneous. Do the exercise in a slow, calm rhythm, and stay for a moment in each position.

The spine is of great importance in yoga. The back is made supple, tensions are removed and the energy is increased.