Dead Still Pose

Lying still on the back is considered to be one of the most important yoga exercises. Using this simple technique, you can relax the body and refresh the mind in a short time. We can easily work ourselves up, but to relax, a relaxation technique is necessary; willpower is not enough.

AvspenningThe pose is called “Dead Still pose”, and as the name suggests, the body is kept completely still.You lie on your back, with your arms alongside the body and the feet next to each other. If you have the possibility, try the exercise now.

Lie on a blanket or something similar, so as to feel comfortable. Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Relax the arms and legs completely, let the whole weight of the body rest on the floor – don’t hold back. Notice if there is tension in the face, neck, shoulders or abdomen.

An important part of yoga is becoming aware of states in the body and mind, so remain clear and awake even while relaxing. Now experience the whole body. The whole body from the top of the head down to the tips of the toes.

Bring the awareness to the breath. Feel the flow of air through the nostrils. Continue to experience the air flowing through the nostrils. After a while direct your awareness of the surroundings again. Repeat the exercise when you have the possibility. If you often feel tense, do “Dead Still pose” every day.

This yoga pose forms the basis of a more comprehensive and deep-going relaxation technique called Yoga Nidra.Yoga Nidra can be translated as “meditative deep relaxation”. During Yoga Nidra the body and the various mental layers are completely relaxed, and a thorough rest and rejuvenation are achieved.