The Sounds Around You

The way we experience our surroundings is generally conditioned by our subconscious expectations. We have got into the habit of experiencing only what we expect to experience. This can be boring, and to avoid it many people use various stimulants, which change the way we experience things.

Lydene rundt degHowever, there are other ways of creating a new and living way of experiencing, without any lack of clarity or unpleasant side-effects. Here is a short exercise which you can do when you have a few minutes to spare, standing in a queue, on the bus or train, out in the country-side or sitting in your arm-chair.

Close your eyes and take some time just to stand, or sit. Notice the sounds around you. Not just one sound, but all the sounds at once. Without judging the sounds, or thinking about where they come from – just let yourself experience the whole spectra of sounds around you. All the sounds at the same time. Continue for a few minutes, without strain, but still with great awareness. Also, experience yourself experiencing the sounds. Try the exercise in different surroundings. We hope you enjoy the exercise.