The Hare Pose

Many people find the Hare pose beneficial, and if you are a beginner it can give you an experience of what yoga is about.

HarenMost of us know what it is to be in a restless or unconcentrated state, and knowing a method to calm down, become more “collected” is useful. The Hare pose has precisely such a calming and collecting effect on the nervous system. In the case of worry, nervosity and anxiety this pose can be helpful and might be an alternative to other ways of relaxing.

The Hare pose is easy to perform: sit on the lower legs with the big toes touching each other, and the heels pointing out to the sides. Place the arms on the back, and grasp one wrist with the other hand. Bend forward and place the forehead on the floor in front of the knees. Separate the knees slightly if necessary. Allow the body to sink into the pose. This exercise is one of the static yoga exercises – stay still in the pose for a while; three, four, five minutes or more. At the same time, collect the awareness at the navel area – let the awareness rest there.

Afterwards sit up slowly with closed eyes, and give yourself time to experience the body and the breath before spreading your awareness to the surroundings.

Because of the harmonising effect of this pose, it is often used at the end of a sequence of yoga exercises. It relaxes and prepares the mind for meditation. The hare pose is also an excellent pose on its own. try it yourself.